Sunday, April 29, 2012

No Regrets Chapter 3

He smiled, but then looked down in sadness.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I just don't feel well," he said.

"You've been on the road a lot. Maybe you just don't feel well because you're getting over being homesick."

"And missing my two babies," he smiled. "I should get a drink."

"Don't worry about it," I said, getting up and going into the kitchen, grabbing a beer, and giving it back.

"Thanks hun," he smiled as I kissed him ever-so gently and hugging him.

"I missed you so goddamn much," I said as I hugged him.

"I missed you a lot too," he said.
"We're gonna have fun tonight."

"Oh yes, we are." I heard a knock at the door, and slowly got up.

"Probably Jon," Richie said.

"Hey!" Krystal said, smiling with Jon beside her. He was holding a quiet Kitaen while she twirled his hair. Jon had his hair cut short, and then let it grow back a little bit, and now it had a wave to it.

"Hey guys! C'mon in!" I smiled. They stepped inside.

"Where's Rich?" Jon asked.

"In the other room. He's probably asleep. He was tired when he got home."

"Oh," Jon said.

Kitaen kicked her feet against his side, so he'd let her down.

"You little squirt!" he laughed, tickling her. "You're a year and a half! You're not 25!"

She smiled widely as he put her down, and she crawled into Ireland's small toy room.

"That'll keep her busy," Jon laughed.
We sat up by the bar, and each had wine.

"How's the Bon Jovi family?" I asked.

"Good," Krystal said. "I missed my Jon."

"I bet he missed you too," I laughed.

"Hey, remember last time we were on tour," Jon said, taking a sip of his wine, "and right before we all left, you told Richie abou little Ireland?"

"Oh, of course!"

I could remember clear as day.

Feb. 1994.

I looked at the small monitor. Postive.

I was pregnant.

I smiled widely in the mirror. Me an Richie had wanted a baby so bad for almost two years. Adoption was almost in the question. But, finally, success.

I lifted the hot pink shirt up and looked at my belly. There wasn't a bump yet, but I felt alive.

Richie was downstairs. The sweet sounds of him playing "One Light Burning" was going through my ears like wild fire.

I slowly went down the stairs, and into his guitar room.

"Each moment I'm alive..." he slowly began and faded away.

"Hey sweetheart," he smiled.

"Hi," I smiled widely. "Richie, I've got good news..."

The phone rang.

"Hold that thought," he said, rushing to answer it.

I sighed. Great.

"Now, what's the news?" he asked.

"Well," I said, sitting on the couch beside him, "I tested positive."

"Positive for what?" he asked.

"A pregnancy test," I smiled. "I'm pregnant, Richie."

A smile broke across his face as he hugged me. "Kmae, that's great sweetheart!"

I held onto him, before I felt his hands wrap around my stomach.

"It doesn't feel like there's a baby in there..."

"You dork," I laughed.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No Regrets Chapter 2

"I probably should put Ireland to bed," I said, holding her as her eyes started to slowly droop.

"I can," Richie said. "I've been gone for five months, and I should."

I handed the sleepy baby to him and he went into her room.

Richie was a good father, even if he hadn't seen Ireland for almost part of her life so far. The day she was born was the day she put another sparkle in his eyes.

"So," he said, quietly as he walked out of her room. "Did you miss me?"

"Of course! Ireland did too."

He wrapped his arms around my waist. "You're a good Mommy."

"You're a perfect Daddy."

He kissed me, and then sat down.

"Stressful trip?" I asked as he laid down and rubbed his head.

"Very," he groaned. "Alec leaving...that was hard on us."

"I bet."

"But now I've got a family to come home to."

I hugged him, putting my head in his shoulder.

"Baby, I missed the touch of you," he smiled.

I felt tears roll down. "I missed you too."

"So, you think that we'll be able to go to the beach later this week?"

"I hope so. Little Ireland wouldn't go unless her daddy did," I smiled.

"Jon and Krystal might stop over too with Kitaen. Alright?"


"So," he smiled. "What did you think of the new album? I know, it's weird because it's not the rock side of us," he held my hand. "But, still. It's who we are."

"I love it," I smiled.

"Good, because you're going to be a prostitute."


He laughed. "Someday I'll Be Saturday Night video."

I forgot he had asked me to be in that. "Oh, I forgot about that."

"Hello, Billie Jean," he laughed.

"That's Kmae to you, love," I smiled.

Monday, April 23, 2012

No Regrets Chapter 1


Click, click, stomp.

Richie walked into the house, setting his suitcase down.

"Ireland!" I smiled, looking at our sweet baby girl that I had sitting on my hip and in my arms. "Daddy's home!"

She smiled her little baby smile and drooled. Richie had been gone for almost five months. She had been born December 5, and he left January 5.

Richie peeked around the corner. "There's my two beautiful girls!" he bear hugged me, sending me warmth in my heart again.

"Pffft!" Ireland drooled and then giggled.

"She's happy to see you!" I said.
Richie held her little hand and gave me a kiss. "How's the house been?"

"Good. The maid cleaned Yesturday and had been every few days."

He put a red box on the table and smiled widely.

"I tell you everytime! No gifts!" I laughed.

He reached out to Ireland and held her in his arms. "Mommy needs to learn to love what Daddy gives her," he said using his little child voice.

Ireland smiled, looking at him. Being six months old already, she was moving far.

I opened the little red box, which contained a diamond necklace with three diamond hearts.

"Three for the Sambora family," he laughed.

I gave him a kiss, with Ireland twirling his hair.

He went into the living area, and sat down on the floor with her.

"So," I said, sitting on the couch. "How was the short tour?"

"Well," Richie said, playing with Ireland. "He's gone."

"What? Who?"

"Alec," Richie said.

I was shocked. "He quit?"

"Well, Jon let him go."

I knew Alec hadn't been doing too good. He was too rockstarish in my opinion, while everyone else had families now, and were married. He didn't fit in anymore.

"I think the band's going to take a break," Richie said. "We've all got families to come home to now."

I smiled. "How's Jon, Krystal, and Kitaen?"

"Good, he was going to take them to the beach for a while today."

Ireland laid there on her back, gazing up at Richie with her brown eyes.

"She's got her Daddy's eyes," I said.

"Your eyes too!" Richie smiled.

Once again, I felt like we were a family.